Monday, August 27, 2012

Closing Post

In retrospect, it comes a time to evaluate the project to see if we accomplished what we set out to do. Every member of the team has a slightly different goal but in general, it was to see the world, have fun and, as our motto says, Help to Create a Better World.

With a retrospective look, the Shiru project was a great success in turning a dream into reality by laying a foundation for the expansion to the Health Centre that will have an incredible impact in the quality of life for the community for many generations. Twenty years ago, Scouts Canada ventured out on the first Brotherhood project. It succeeded in taking a run down building and transformed it into a health centre, with additional buildings. Over time, it grew to a health facility that was treating a huge volume of people that wouldn’t normally have easy access to medical care. The seed of change that was planted 20 years ago grew into Kenya 2012, which was the catalyst that turned this basic facility into the envy of the surrounding health centres with supplies, lab/computer equipment, and the 8 room short stay unit. Our shared successes will continue to change the lives of the Shiru people for decades, in so many ways that we can’t even imagine. This truly was an adventure of a lifetime filled with amazing memories and fellowship.  

With that in mind – the project was a huge success; however, we need to look a little deeper to see the true impact of our successes. As our younger generation evolves and slowly becomes the voice of the world, we can only hope that projects like South Africa 2010, Kenya 2012 and Madagascar 2012 was successful in planting a healthy virus, a virus of positive change, into the next generation. I hope that the Kenya 2012 virus will slowly grow within each of you and spread to those you share your experiences with, to a point that one day, the virus will evolve, inspires and empower others to make change and to help create a better world.   

Thank you for an amazing trip and continue to celebrate the wonderful memories but most of all keep the Kenya 2012 virus spreading to your family, friends, and mostly to the younger generation following you, so they to can help create a better world.

I look forward working with you again on the next adventure.


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  1. Congratulations on the completion of your project, and best of luck for the future. Keep inspiring!