Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Market Experience

Today was fun like always, but extremely tiring! First experience at the market for me, and personally I think it went really well! Met the scouting commissioner, and she showed us around the disco, which under out guidance will be named “The crazy canuck” when it’s completed! She showed us her embroidery shop, and her chill-out bar and lounge inside the building. Work was productive as (usual), but Lanz will talk more about that! Worked for 2 or so hours back filling, then those of us who went to the last outreach caught up on the tour to the tea factory! When we told Tom we’d walk in, he just laughed at us and said to get in the van. The we found out why… It’s about a 4 km path from the front entrance to the actual factory, and we were always late as we’re running on Kenyan time. The factory looked like a set you would find in a horror movie, with little light in parts, big dark rooms, and ceiling-conveyor belts covered in scary looking hooks… I was kind of scared just walking through it!!! The tour was pretty good, but all of us had been on our feet all day and were really tired by the end. We were late for dinner (and I was in charge of that today…), so we left to try and get back within a reasonable time. However, then we had no way of contacting them to pretty please pick up…Hello exercise!

It was a fantastic miracle though after the first half hour of our trek when we see this white, and oddly familiar van coming up the road toward us!! Yay for Tom! Dinner was also thankfully started when we got back, and all we had to do was make the bruschetta (no idea how to spell that, but it’s tomatoes and other yummy stuff). Then only to find out the person who knew how to make it was in bed sick! Eric Post saved the day there though, and we enjoyed an amazing dinner! :D

by Kristin 

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