Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Adventure Begins: Pre Camp Day 1/2

The past weeks have been spent collecting supplies and last minute items, packing, and generally preparing ourselves for the upcoming month.  Toothbrush, camera, pants, adaptors, passports; what else do I need?  Is my pack too heavy? Will I need more socks?

The whirlwind week leading up to pre-camp has finally passed, and now we are all here at Camp Bryson in London, ON.  The past day (and a bit) has been spent arriving, getting to know one another, and doing lots of team building activities.  We now know everyone's favourite ice cream, shoe size and how paranoid we are of being assasinated (thanks Jamie and Krysta).  Already we have been cooking and cleaning together, building Lego, and tackling each other- so basically we just like any average group of teenagers headed across the world.

Amongst all the excitement of embarking on our great adventure, we haven't forgotten the real reason we're here.  As well as our own gear, we have been sorting and packing our massive amount of medical supplies.  Together through all our donors, we will be bringing with us over 1100lbs of supplies; including over the counter drugs, bandages, computer equipment and specialized medical gear.  Another 100lbs of supplies is being left behind due to lack of room, and will be shipped to Haiti.  A huge thank you to everyone who donated supplies, money, or time fundraising.  These supplies will give the clinic a greater capability to treat their patients, and will have an enormous impact on the community of Shiru.

Tommorrow we complete our preparations, and head to Toronto for our long night flight to Amsterdam.  Lots of waiting around, airplane food and airport security await us, but the final destination is well worth it.

Kwaheri Canada, na jambo Kenya!


  1. Congratulations on the amount of medical supplies and computer equipment you were able to collect. Way to go.

  2. Here are some pictures from the 'launch' from the Bryson Centre.

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  4. Amazing job done in collecting and then packing all the supplies. I believe there were 23 bags of medical supplies and if each bag contained 50 lbs that makes over 1150 lbs of supplies. That's just over a half a ton of supplies.

    P.S. the link on Doug's first message doesn't go to the photos, so use the second link.