Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The focus of this project is to support the United Nations Millennium Goals of Reducing Child Mortality (#4) and Improving Maternal Health (#5). This will be done by working together with the Kenya Scout Association to improve the current basic health clinic in rural Shiru, Kenya.  Part of meeting this objective includes supporting a medical camp that would help immunize over 2000 clinic patients.

Currently our members are working hard to acquire donations of medications. These medication include:
Artemisia Combinations, Analgesics, Quinine Tabs/Injections
Antibiotics, Bronchodilators, Cough Syrups, Analgesics
Respiratory Diseases, Coughs, Pneumonia
Topical Applications, Creams, Lotions, Bandages, Elastoplast’s, Strapping
Skin Conditions (Including Ulcers)
Eye drops, Ear drops, Eye glasses/lenses
Eye/Ear Diseases
Glucometers, Anti Diabetics
Anti- hypertensive, Blood Pressure Machines
Deworming Tablets
Antibiotics, Metronidazole, Ors sachets
Typhoid Fever and other diarrheal Diseases
Children Syrups and Medications
Child illness

Many of these medications will require donations from larger suppliers. If you are able to assist us, please feel free to contact our Project Advisor at Kevin.Ransome@ontario.ca.

By Krysta Cowling

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