Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Call for Computers

As part of our project in Shiru, Kenya we are helping to retool and modernize the local health clinic with new computers and a Intranet.  This modernization requires network equipment, desktop and laptop computers, mice, keyboards and far too much cable.  We would like to get as much of this equipment as we can from donations and are asking you support us through monetary or physical donations.

If you are interested in purchasing a computer and do not know what to look for, we have compiled a list of the most suitable computers for the job. These computers are reliable and inexpensive:
     Desktop - HP COMPAQ
     Cost: 131.98 plus applicable taxes

     Desktop - Lenovo ThinkCenter
     Cost: 142.99 plus applicable taxes

     Laptop - Dell Latitude
     Cost: 285.97 plus applicable taxes

If you would prefer to pick to choose an alternative machine from the above list, please remember its purpose when selecting the device. For our situation, please read through DO’s and DO NOT’s of our situation.

- Get a business orientated computer;
- Get Intel based product (if you are unsure, just ask someone at the store).
- Get AMD based computers;
- Get media computers (these computers are known for having special graphic cards, touch screens and other non-essential tools).

Beyond computers we also need keyboards, mice, wireless and wired routers, network cables, extension cords, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and a projector. Mice are difficult to set a standard for, as there are so many different types, so we would just like to ask that they be wired mice. It is easier for everyone involved if the clinic does not need to worry about keeping a constant stock of various batteries to maintain its equipment and the lack of any standard for mouse receivers also makes it difficult to swap the mice around should a piece break. All of this applies to keyboards as well.

Network equipment pretty much consists of as many metres of cable as we can get our hands on and a number of wireless routers. D-link routers are tried and true and will fill our needs nicely ( I have yet to find a bad network cable so anything should work; just remember to keep them reasonably long. We are also in need of power bars, these could be an issue as most power bars here will use American plugs so a liberal amount of local adapters will be required. 

Thank you to all who are supporting this cause and we hope your contribution will make the trip that much more productive in creating a better world. If you have any questions or concerns regarding donations, please send your questions to Kevin Ransome ( 

For physical donations, please mail the equipment to the following postal address:
Suggestion: when purchasing the equipment online, use the below address as the mailing address to save you from having to mail it out twice!
Scouts Canada
c/o Kenya 2012
531 Windermere Road
London, Ontario
N5X 2T1

For monetary donations, please use the donation link at the top of our page or you are welcome to contact Kevin Ransome ( for more information.

Written by Eric Davison


  1. We have at least a 15 foot network cable to donate,
    Aaron Rollins

    1. That's fantastic! Be sure to get a hold of Aaron to make arrangements for it! Thank you.